Monthly Archives: August 2014

Pretzel Factory opens in Walmart Deptford Delsea

The first I’ve seen this… The Pretzel Factory opened yesterday inside the Deptford Walmart located on Delsea Drive (47) and Cooper St. This appears to be a full pretzel bakery store, located behind the the cash registers in an area I think was a nail store (please correct me if wrong!)

Subway is also still in the Walmart Store.


La Casa Vecchia coming to Washington Twp?

Stopped in at the Salina Wine and Liquor store on Egg Harbor Road, and noticed 2 doors down a banner for a new restaurant coming in… La Casa Vecchia coming soon.

A great location for a BYOB in a quaint little shopping center and just 30 feet from a wine and beer shop!

Admittedly, I hadn’t been in this shopping center previously and I don’t know how long this banner has been hanging, to get a sense if this is an eatery opening soon… Or has it been there a long time?

There is a phone number on the sign… But my pictures cut off the last number. Maybe I’ll swing back to get the number and call

If anyone knows anything about this place, please comment here, at Facebook, or use the Contact form.



Society of Burgers – Washington Township

A new healthier burger place opened a few months ago in Washington Township. It shares a store entrance with Salad Society in the Lazy Lanigans center, next to the clock water tower and close to “five points”.


Bellmawr’s Mangia Bene targets Aug 24 reopening. New management

Three very nice gentleman were in Bellmawr’s recently closed Mangia Bene, preparing for a planned reopening on August 24.

They recently purchased the place. While the interior will remain pretty much the same, the menu will be all theirs. “I promise you this will be the best pizza you’ve ever tasted”. Two of them spoke with an old world Italian accent, so with my recent reintroduction to gluten foods I look forward to trying out their family recipes.

With the recent opening of Sal and Pat’s in Bellmawr just a few blocks away, Bellmawr again retains it’s Pizza Mecca status.


Gloucester Township Outlets Tax Incentives – The Real Deal

After my recent mega-post about Gloucester Township, it was clear that a core concern of citizens was the tax breaks.  Some thought the outlets were getting a free ride.  Some thought the schools would not get tax dollars. So I reached out again to Gloucester Township Mayor, Dave Mayer.


Deptford HomeGoods signage up

HomeGoods Deptford takes another step closer to opening with the addition of exterior signage. Sign is also up on the entranceway.