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Deptford Forman Mills Moving Fast

Continuing its impressive streak of new store announcements, Deptford scores another win with the planned opening of a Forman Mills store to be located in along Clements Bridge Road, close to the mall. Other details and store location are in the article link!
Full article: Deptford Forman Mills Moving Fast

Deptford’s Burlington Store Will be Open for Holidays

Well this is impressive.  Just a few short weeks ago we noticed the first sign of construction taking place at the new Burlington Store in Deptford, and according to an article at the South Jersey Times the store will be open in November ahead of the key holiday shopping season!

The SJT article noticed that the Burlington store website has been updated to indicate the new location, and an opening date of November 14th…  just a short 6 weeks away!

Exterior remodeling is in full-swing, with a large portion of the old Sam’s Club entrance awning removed already… but it’s still impressive that they can pull this all together so quickly.  even after construction is complete, the still have to load the store with merchandise.




Brooklawn Diner’s Bright Future

The legendary Brooklawn Diner moves closer to opening, showing off its mostly complete beautiful exterior! We were tipped to the opening by the Brooklawn Town Facebook page and went over to take a few pics. Check out the post link for an additional image.
Full article: Brooklawn Diner’s Bright Future