ALDI coming to Bellmawr and Woodbury!!!

Breaking News!  Today (March 27) Aldi completed the purchase of the Bottom Dollar Food locations…. and they’ve announced that 30 Bottom Dollar Stores are being converted over to ALDI .. and BELLMAWR made the cut!!

(I only had the Bellmawr Construction Photo avail to me right now.  Will update it later!)

The press release is here:

Updated coverage at South Jersey Times

And the full NJ list:


Street Address


156 West Browning Road


262-C Route 130

Cherry Hill

2110 Route 38

East Windsor

440 US Hwy 130

Edgewater Park

4225 South Route 130


812 North Delsea Drive


1636 Route 38


2735 S. Broad Street


203 S. Broad Street



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13 Responses to ALDI coming to Bellmawr and Woodbury!!!

  1. Pat Cooley says:

    waiting for Aldi to replace bottom dollar store

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank goodness. Those with out a car have had such a hard time of it since Bottom Dollar closed.

  3. Marie says:

    But will the Aldi now close at the Southwood Shopping Center in favor of Woodbury?

  4. Cpt. Cranky says:

    Some of these locations are very close to current Aldi stores. Edgewater Park, Woodbury & Cherry Hill all have stores within a mile of these locations. Makes you wonder what will happen to the old stores.

  5. Uncle john says:

    I thought Trader Joe’s was going in Woodbury bottom dollar location ,,??????

    • mark says:

      A group of residents were lobbying for a trader Joe’s but it was just a hope… Nothing was ever even mentioned on the trader Joe’s side. At least woh Aldi’s is a functioning store, right?

  6. J says:

    I wonder if the people that opposed the Walmart would support a grocery store?
    At one time there were plans to build 4 Deptford Walmarts!
    Surely the two that were built is enough.
    Walmarts intimidate the grocery stores from coming in but many people would much rather do their grocery shopping in a supermarket.

  7. […] has a dark cloud.  As mentioned previously the long awaited Super Wawa opens this week, and Bellmawr won the Aldi lottery which they hope to see opened this […]

  8. Peg says:

    Sadly Aldi at Southwood is closing I spoke with the asst manager the other day

  9. Janel Moore says:

    When will this store be hiring ?

  10. Aroundtown says:

    I was in Vito’s Pizza in Cherry Hill today talking about Italia in Bellmawr come to find out a guy in Vito’s purchased it! It will open under the same name Italia in a few weeks with the same great Pizza and food that’s in Vito’s.

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