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Deptford Clements Bridge Road Project Update: Deptford Movies, Inspira Medical, and Super Wawa!

It was intended to be a presentation of the plans for a new Super Wawa on Clements Bridge Road, and it turned into discussions on the Inspira Project and the Deptford Movies Project. We had a chance to chat with the Deptford Movies owner! The core of the information is in a way too long commentary video, but it covers several previously unknown items, development challenges and solutions, the desire for new roads, and additional details on the Inspira Project.

Seven Star Diner Reopens – Crowds are Already Back!

After 4-5 days of being closed for an electrical outage, the Seven Star Diner reopened earlier today (July 30).  Word of the reopening is spreading fast as the beloved eatery is already bustling, with all of the dining areas more full than empty... but there is still plenty of room for you! People obviously have been eagerly waiting to get back into the diner, happy to see that everything is in order. I sat at the bar and had one…