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  1. Aroundtown says:

    Mark I was in Carmans in Bellmawr and they tell me Carmans is growing.A Carmans will be in Del Brono’s also in Turnersville,Stratford and three other locations.I had a Pizza steak not as good as Marino’s in Runnemede they are the BEST!Also the new Pizzeria in Bellmawr “Vero”(old Italian pizza)has a very good pizza check it out!

    • Tim says:

      Carmen’s in Bellmawr was sold recently, and they are tarnishing the good name of Carmen’s. they now only put a total of 6 slices of meat and cheese, and cover it with way to much lettuce, tomato, and onion. It’s like having a salad on a roll with a little bit of meat and cheese.

      • Aroundtown says:

        Still the best around.

        • Nikon1 says:

          I totally disagree! We got several in December and will not go back again! I much prefer the Primo Hoagies compared to what Carmen’s is putting down now. Prior to the sale, Carmen’s made everyone else look like slouches. This new owner is just riding (and, tarnishing) the decades old Carmen’s name and legacy.

          Aroundtown, with the statement you posted, the only way you could say that is if you never had a “REAL, Original Carmen’s” hoagie.

          • Aroundtown says:

            Been going to Carmen’s since the 70’s still good IMO
            Now if you are looking for a GREAT Deli Ludovico’s 9 Kings Highway West Haddonfield on left before Patco (the old candy store)
            Everything is made in house from the Salades to the Soups
            The Hoagies are great homemade meatball’s also have Prepared Food (Dinners) It’s a great my go to Deli now.

          • Aroundtown says:

            Also Ludovico’s price’s are not high

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