Deptford’s Old Country Buffet Closes.  74 stores shuttered nationally. 

The Deptford Old Country Buffet restaurant, located in the Home Depot shopping center along Rt 41, closed abruptly this month.

Employees, Communities and media outlets around the country were caught off guard by the announcement and immediate closures.

Several media outlets raced to find the details, and it seems that the privately held company was purchased months ago, and the closing of theses stores was done to strengthen the overall company performance.

The Consumerist site has additional details and links to other media articles.


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4 Responses to Deptford’s Old Country Buffet Closes.  74 stores shuttered nationally. 

  1. gloria guenette says:

    What happen why closed Old Country Buffets they r very good foods dinners and breakfast too

    • mark says:

      I believe the company overall hasn’t been making enough profit, and they feel that by closing underperforming stores it will enhance the overall value of the company

  2. Tommy foster says:

    Noooooo don’t do it my fav place to eat

  3. Debra Pray says:

    Today I planned to treat my husband to his birthday dinner.we were shocked & surprised to hear they closed.My husband proposed to Mr there & we’ve been married 16 years now.we loved the food there & service.what a shame & can’t believe it.

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