Five Below Confirmed for Audubon Crossing. Spring 2018 opening.

Five Below coming to Audubon NJ

The Audubon Crossings shopping center (Audubon NJ), home to Walmart and other stores, will be adding a Five Below discount Kid’s store, with plans to be open in the Spring of 2018.

This is a another in a string of recent additions for the shopping center, after they recently opened up Ross, Marshalls and Evolve fitness locations.

For many, the news of the new Five Below may be old news.  The owners of the Audubon Crossing center has listed “Five Below” as proposed for a while now, but a reader noted that there hasn’t been any movement on construction so we reached out to the leasing company.

A leasing representative for Wolfson Group confirms that the Five Below is a “go”, and they are expecting a Spring 2018 opening.

Five Below

Five Below is a Philadelphia “born and bred” discount retailer, focusing on kid’s items all priced at under $5.  It’s a fun store to visit, because they are really able to offer some really cool things in that $5 cap price range.

A recent article states their 601 store opened on Market Street in Philadelphia, at the base of the old “Lit Brothers” building.  This store is being called their flagship store.  The article also goes on to say that 3 floors of the building will become the Corporate headquarters for the entire company, housing over 350 employees!




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5 Responses to Five Below Confirmed for Audubon Crossing. Spring 2018 opening.

  1. Aroundtown says:

    Never been in a Five Below but people say they have the highest quality of junk around a step up from the dollar tree.

    • mark says:

      It’s a fun store. $5 price point allows them to offer better products and the kids focus makes the whole store fun.
      They are Philadelphia based helps too

      • Dennis Ewing says:

        Sure it is five below is not for me,I do not like buying junk.Also I do not shop at Audubon Crossing only Chick Ful-A.Just don’t care for the people who do shop at Audubon Crossing.If I need to shop at Wall Mart I go to Deptford,It’s much more safer.If you notice a number of stores have left Audubon crossing as shoplifting runs rampant at the Crossings

        • Lon says:

          That’s not why they left. They left do to new construction and rental increases. It’s cool if you go to Deptford. Heck I live in cherry hill but just be factual with your reasoning don’t add stuff. If it’s not your preference that in it self is enough.

  2. Aroundtown says:

    The shoplifters in the area will be ready.
    Another store to hit at Audubon Crossing!

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