Gasoline drops below $2.00 in Deptford

A gas price war is breaking out in Deptford at the Rt 47 and Cooper intersection (Near Budd’s Pools and the Deptford Municipal building).  The Citgo and Gulf station have been dropping their prices multiple times a day breaking the $2 a gallon barrier, and the first I know if in the Gloucester/Camden counties.   42 freeway drove by at 2:00pm today and the price was at 1.99, but data provided by indicates that the Gulf has already dropped the cash price down to $1.97!   The Gulf station looked incredibly busy this afternoon, and commenters on a Deptford Facebook forum stated the gas station seems to be selling out each day.

In related news, the same NJ Gas price website shows that a station in Voorhees is selling gas for $3.98 a gallon, which is more than DOUBLE the price!


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