Hobby Lobby Sicklerville Opens Monday Oct 5. Preview Photos Here!

What more can we say about Gloucester Township this year?  They’ve hit a Grand Slam in 2015 with many major openings.  The absolute biggest deal in our coverage area was the Outlet Mall.   Tilted Kilt opening on October 5th is a big deal, as there aren’t any other in the area.  And now this.. Hobby Lobby also opens on Monday October 5th at 9am!

Well, Monday is the official opening date, but those in the know realized that they have been in soft opening mode since Friday, and on a rainy Saturday evening 42Freeway stopped over to the brand new Sicklerville store and checked it out.

A quick disclosure:  Saturday was my first visit to a Hobby Lobby store.  Oh, and while I am a crafty guy, craft stores aren’t really my thing.

So honestly, I was blown away by Hobby Lobby.

Not the “Hobby, cloth, frames, foam things” part of the store.

But the home décor items.  Almost half of the very large store is home décor.

I’m not helping myself here, am I.  🙂

Cutting to the chase, there is a LARGE Man-cave section in the store.  Décor such as wall plaques, signs and figurines for many manly things.

You like cars?   How about items featuring Corvettes, Mustangs, Chevy, Ford, Route 66, Motorcycles.

They even had a “Super Bee” logo sign.   Really?  What major store offers a Super-Bee sign?


Hobby Lobby Pinball WizardI knew something was different about this hobby store when I walked in and saw a small sign saying “Pinball Wizard”.   This hits home for me  (YouTube link.  yeah that’s me).  Again, what store has a pinball wizard sign?

Not to mention themed sections billiards, and poker, and music.  Oh yeah, lots of music items scattered around.

Fender Guitars décor is prominently featured, from giant sized Guitar pics to a replica guitar to hang on the wall!

Another cool section was for Home Theater.  Many replica signs from the by-gone drive in era. Remember the dancing hot dog advertisement?  Yeah they had a sign for that.    Vintage signs for Coke and Bazooka Joe.   And several movie theater marquee signs to set up in your home theater room

There are also themed section for Comic book characters, Religious, and many others.

Oh and all the regular home décor items that us guys will never look at.  🙂

So yes.. its a hobby and craft store.

But I get why it’s so much more.

Definitely worth a trip over to Sicklerville to check it out!  And grab a bite to eat at the new Plaza Azteca across the parking lot or the even newer Tilted Kilt located on the other side of the AC Expressway!

Oh and the Deptford Store construction has started.  To be located over in the Red Lobster/Olive Garden shopping center.  Look for a January or February opening

Hobby Lobby Sicklerville / Cross Keys
611 Cross Keys Road
Sicklerville (Gloucester Twp), NJ

Pics below were taken with a now “man that’s old” iPhone 5, so I apologize for the not-s0-great quality.  Looking to upgrade soon.


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9 Responses to Hobby Lobby Sicklerville Opens Monday Oct 5. Preview Photos Here!

  1. Alice DiStefano says:

    What about their yarn section? What’s it like. I love the choices that they had in Millville. Everyone loves the “I love thid yarn” brand.

    • Granny Nanny says:

      Have been to the Hobby Lobby in Henderson, NV and Vineland, NJ. They have several aisles of yarn – most of which is different than what you find at Michaels, JoAnn’s. AC Moore or Walmart. It’s called “I Love This Yarn” for a good reason. Think you’ll be pleased.

  2. Kevin says:

    Are you hiring?

  3. kate Grace says:

    Not good employers for women who imagine themselves deserving of health care chosen by themselves ~ not by their sexist employers.

  4. Angela Sciurca says:

    I went into Hobby Lobby last week because their Simplicity patterns were advertised for 99cents. When I got to the fabric department it turns out that they do not have a pattern book available for you to look at and pick out your desired patterns. When I asked the women at the department I was told:” Well, the patterns are in the drawers.” Not only were there about 10 drawers to look in, but they were not labeled as to number. Poor planning on someone’s part. Hope they get it right eventually.

  5. […] This is the second recent new opening in our area.  Last fall a store opened up in Sicklerville along Cross-Keys Road.   For more details on Hobby Lobby and what the offer, check out our post from October  […]

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