Kids First Swim School coming to Deptford, NJ between Launch and Chuck E Cheese

Kids First Swim Schools coming to Deptford

The DLC Management Corporation indicates that a new tenant is coming to their Deptford NJ Property…  Kids First Swim School!

I don’t know much about this business, but as the name indicates… its a kids swimming instruction facility.

DLC owns the Red Lobster/Olive Garden/Hobby Lobby/Burlington shopping center.  Site plans indicate the new swimming facility will be in the same row of stores as Chuck E Cheese, and share the inside corner of the center with the Launch Trampoline facility.  Many would remember this as the original location of Party City.

So get this… based on images I’ve search in the web… it seems they will be building and in-ground pool INSIDE the building.

This is a great trifecta combination of kid oriented business, which should compliment each other as families going to any of the three child focused places will see the other offerings and think “We need to come back and try…”

Their website indicates other locations for Kids First Swim Schools are (or will be) in Cherry Hill NJ, Aston PA, and Delaware.

Court of Deptford Amazing Rebirth

I’ve never met the management team over at DLC but I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with them and their turnaround of this property.  I am a Deptford resident, and participate in their very popular town Facebook group, and I remember right before the opening of the Burlington Store (which started the rebirth) that many were complaining about this property… that it was a dump.  Too many empty stores.  While other property managers have been complaining about economy online competition impacting new leases, the folks over at DLC continue to make one deal after another.   Congrats.

Kids First Swim Schools
Court of Deptford
1500 Almonesson Rd,
Deptford Township, NJ 08096

(attached image is from the Cherry Hill NJ location’s facebook page)


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2 Responses to Kids First Swim School coming to Deptford, NJ between Launch and Chuck E Cheese

  1. Aroundtown says:

    Ahh looks like summer

  2. Shirley says:

    I am a Deptford resident and I am very happy with the addition of many convenient stores and activities that are being built in my neighborhood. The only complaint I have is that we need another food store and not an Aldi type store. We need a Shop Rite or Acme. There has been talk in the past about a Shop Rite in several locations, but everyone seems to be afraid of Walmart. I drive to the closest Shop Rite or Acme to do my shopping. It’s worth it…

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