Mexican Restaurant coming to Washington Township’s Egg Harbor “Italian Eatery” Road?

Washington Township Restaurant

The closed Casa Vecchia eatery on Egg Harbor Road in Washington Township is starting to see new life, as construction can be seen taking place inside the former Italian eatery.

I consider Egg Harbor Road (and down into Deptford’s rt 41) to be a hot bed for Italian eateries with a LOT of competition, and I am hearing unofficially that the Casa Vecchia location will open up as a Mexican place.

It’s a great location for a BYOB restaurant, because in the same small shopping center is the Salina Liquor store, probably no more the 40 feet away.

This could be a welcome change for Egg Harbor Road as the area has seen a lot of activity with new (and successful) Italian spots Pat’s Select and Amalfi’s opening.

We’ll post again as we get more information.


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4 Responses to Mexican Restaurant coming to Washington Township’s Egg Harbor “Italian Eatery” Road?

  1. Joe Aurite says:

    Hi, Do you know if this Restaurant opened yet and what the name is? Do they have a website?

    • mark says:

      Joe they opened and closed already. Was only opened a few weeks. I understand they plan on reopening.

      • Joe Aurite says:

        They are open. We eat there last night. Not bad, just ok. Food is Not high end. More like Don Pablo’s, but nicer atmosphere and BYOB. Food is fresh and made to order. I was hopeful it was gonna be more like Tortilla Presss.

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