Royal Farms planned for Blackwood-Clementon Road (Superfresh)

Another one of the “rumors have been flying” stories… that I was getting ready to post about this weekend anyway, but I finally found a nugget of corroborating evidence!

Royal Farms is planning on putting one of its Super convenience/gas stations along Blackwood-Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.  The address (1409) puts the location right in the Commerce Square shopping center which was the location for the Superfresh Supermarket… which was recently torn down.

So the targeted address is known, but can only assume the supermarket was demolished to make room for the Royal Farms store in that area of the shopping center’s lot.

Royal Farms is 100% a Super Wawa competitor, and if you walked into one of their stores you’d think they were copying each other.  They are making a huge push into South Jersey with locations already in development for Bellmawr, Gloucester City, Magnolia and other locations (I know of one other not-reported location that I am working on)

The confirming evidence I found?  Well just yesterday the Gloucester Township MUA meeting notes were posted for the 4/20/2017 meeting, and listed in the doc was a reference to the Royal Farms at 1409 Blackwood-Clementon Road.

So this doesn’t mean its 100% happening.   There has been nothing official stated by the town or Royal Farms, so there is some chance this doesn’t happen.

I have more thoughts and comments on the Super Convenience store wars… hopefully will post soon.  What do you think about a video?


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13 Responses to Royal Farms planned for Blackwood-Clementon Road (Superfresh)

  1. Duke says:

    What about the rumor about a Chuckle and Pete’s being constructed on the old East Side Mario’s lot?

    • mark says:

      hmm… never heard about that one! they just opened a location in Glassboro. Liquor licenses are at a premium in all of our towns so that is a tough challenge.

  2. KC says:

    I feel that Blackwood Clementon Rd needs growth it looks bad with nothing open and closed businesses. Really dont know much about the Royal Farms but business means growth for community with jobs.

    • Howdy says:

      You would be better off with out Royal Farms. They don’t take care of what they have, especially employees.

  3. Tom says:

    Any idea about the firmer Kmart? I heard two rumors. Home Depot was the first and an Ollies / Foreman Mills was the other

  4. The Blank says:

    Foreman Mills? Because the Deptford Location is too far to drive for crap clothing?

  5. MH says:

    I’m hoping we’ll hear something new re: this potential Gloucester Township Royal Farms sometime soon.

    I know based on the new article posted today the other 3 RFs in this area are making good progress in their builds and wouldn’t be shocked if this one isn’t built for another year or 2 (if it doesn’t completely fall through) but I still wonder about it.

  6. Justin A Stewart says:

    I hope Royal Farms goes there or chickies and Pete’s or something!

  7. Bob says:

    Have heard rumors that black horse pike @ lower landing under consideration

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