VIDEO: Bellmawr Creek Road Pedestrian Bridge Walkthrough is one of the first to walk the new Creek Rd pedestrian bridge in Bellmawr NJ.   As part of the 900 million dollar “Direct Connection” project to rebuild the 295/42/676 imterchange, several bridges are being rebuilt including the Creek Rd Bridge.

Somewhat unique to the Creek Rd bridge, is it also carries a sewer line from one section of the town to another, and before the bridge could be dismantled the large pipe needed to be routed somewhere else, along with a need to provide save passage to residents on foot.

The solution was to build a large temporary pedestrian bridge about 40 feet north of Creek Road.  Once the bridge rebuilding is complete, this pedestrian bridge goes away.

And it’s a big one… slightly intimidating to be suspended over top of so much high speed traffic!20140729-200737-72457431.jpg

A friend on social media commented that they saw people testing it this morning.  When I was there at 5pm Tuesday, the entrance closest to the Autobody shop was completely open.  When I got to the other side I noticed the simple railing gate was closed so I am not sure if that is any indication that the bridge is open or closed.



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  1. ED RAYMOND says:

    didnt encounter ant tigers ?

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