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Rothman Orthopaedics Opens at New Washington Square Development

  • February 7, 2019
Rothman Orthopaedics recently opened their new office at 243 Hurfville-Cross Keys Road in Washington Township.   The location is a completely new building, located in the large multiple use Washington Square project. We have some details on the large project, but at this time while a retail building has been developed we don't see any activity of retail tenants moving it yet.

Deptford Mall Adding a Large Entertainment Offering at Sears Property

  • February 6, 2019

Deptford Township Mayor Paul Medany is a regular contributor to Comcast's Newsmakers YouTube Channel.  This week in an interview with host Jill Horner (a former Miss New Jersey from Gloucester Township), Mayor Medany confirmed some of the rumors regarding a large entertainment facility to take a level of the recently closed Sears in Deptford Mall. An entertainment company is coming to the mall In the short 3 minute interview, Medany mentions the Dick Sporting Goods is moving over (story broke…